Best Selling Kids Books–One Book One Tree

In the month of July, Barefoot Books is running a One Book, One Tree campaign where every book sold, we donate a tree to help communities across the globe.  I am extra excited about the opportunity to be able to give back!

In honor of this great initiative, I wanted to take some time to share with you some bestselling Barefoot Books that you and your children can share this summer.

By the way, if you have not joined the Summer Reading Club, there is still time to do so.  By joining, you will receive a code for 25% off your book purchase.  This would be an amazing way to combine purchasing great books for your children while giving back.

So, here we go. The following books are my book recommendations for some great stories to read with your children.

The Animal Boogie has sold over 2 million copies worldwide!  This is a best-selling sing along that encourages ALL children from different walks of life to join in on the fun.  This is a great book for children ranging from ages 3 to 7.  Purchase here!

The Girl with a Brave Heart is a powerful story that explores the powerful of listening and empathy.  This book is ideal for children ages 4 to 10 years old.  Purchase here.

The Yoga Pretzel Set is a great tool to help children begin exploring mindfulness and creating healthy lifestyle habits.  “My Daddy is a Pretzel” is an excellent way to begin integrating yoga into your family life.  The Yoga Pretzels deck will provide you with 50 activities to bring your mindful practices to life each and everyday.  Purchase here.

These great children’s books are just a select few of the amazing high quality books sold by Barefoot Books.  Take some time today to explore these titles and many more on the Barefoot Books website.  

Remember, that for every book purchased in the month of July, you are not only building great reading skills and learning habits for your children but you are changing the lives of others across the globe.

If you would like additional recommendations and suggestions for great books that you can introduce to your children and develop their creativity, imagination and love for reading, feel free to contact me at

Happy Reading,


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