Breakthrough Experience

Strengthen Your Relationship with God and Manifest the Abundance and Purpose that You Have Always Desired!

Seeking 50 highly motivated women who want MAJOR breakthrough and transformation in their life!

Are you ready to grow closer to God and experience a spiritual shift that will position you for abundance in EVERY area of your life?

All while experiencing total healing and deliverance from anything that has held you back in the past?

I’m here to give you the principles, insights and tools you need to move forward and unleash God’s purpose for your life.


After 15 years of walking through my own journey of spiritual transformation, I made the decision to teach other women the spiritual principles that transformed my life.  I’ve MASTERED these principles, and they have caused me to overcome the rejection from other people, looking for love in all the wrong places and struggling to put food on the table as a single mom.

After experiencing my own breakthrough, I made a commitment to share with other women the principles that I live daily to constantly walk in new levels of emotional, mental and spiritual transformation in spite of any obstacles or challenges I may face.

If you stick with me through this program, you will experience healing, walk in an unshakeable confidence and manifest abundance no matter what your past!


I am ready to support you on your journey to get reconnected to God and experience your next level of breakthrough!

In the Total Breakthrough Experience, I am going to be spending 30 intense days of praying, coaching, teaching and training with 50 highly motivated women. 

I am going to be pouring out my heart to these women and sharing these few spiritual principles that have caused me to build a solid foundation in God and manifest abundance in every area of my life.  Through their application of these principles, these women will experience a spiritual breakthrough that will propel them into a new season of relationship with God.

These women are ready to make the next season of their lives the best season, and they are committed to doing whatever it takes to get reconnected to God and experience an outpouring of His favor and and blessings in their life.


One of the biggest KEYS that is missing today in the lives of Christian women who desire to break free from the grasp of bondage is someone who is willing to support and mentor them through the most difficult seasons of their lives.  When you are walking through seasons of healing and deliverance, it can be VERY lonely.  You will often times feel as if no one else in the world can understand your pain.

This process is one that is filled with periods of uncertainty, fear and frustration and without the guidance of someone who has successfully navigated this path, you will feel as if you will never make it to the other side of your pain!  Most people don’t have the time or the patience to walk hurting women through the process of total healing, deliverance and breakthrough.  This is why I’m determined to be here just for you!

The first tool that every Christian woman must have in her battle plan to win in this difficult season is an understanding of who she is in God and His unchangeable plan and purpose for her life.

Let me teach you the spiritual principles that will reconnect you to God and unlock and activate the His blessings and favor in EVERY area of your life.

Your knowledge of your spiritual identity and how to declare God’s prophetic word over your life will cause you to experience total breakthrough.  When you develop confidence in the fact that God’s plan for your life never changes in spite of your mistakes and failures, there is nothing and no one that can keep you from getting what God has stored up for you and your family.

This is the first time that I will be offering this level of intense teaching, coaching and mentorship to help women experience a MAJOR breakthrough in their lives.  The group of mighty women who will take part in this exclusive experience will receive a personal hands-on approach that is usually only provided to my one-on-one coaching clients.

I am going to be diving deep into the lives of this special group of women to help them develop a spiritual plan that will cause their lives to be unrecognizable at the end of our 30 days together.

I have used my gift of teaching healing, deliverance and breakthrough with other women who have been able to breakthrough spiritual strongholds of depression, low self-esteem, brokenness, fear, insecurity and doubt.

After working with me, they have been able to tap into their supernatural gifts, talents and abilities to transform their lives and become mighty women with great passion and purpose.

Your total breakthrough is 100% connected to your understanding of  how to apply spiritual principles  that will move you from brokenness into a season of  overflow and abundance.


This is where my 15 years of training and experience as an intercessor, prayer warrior and licensed missionary who is gifted in the areas of teaching you how to apply the word of God can help you!  If you hired me one-on-one to coach you as many other successful and mighty women have done, you would pay $197/hour.

But with this exclusive mentorship experience, you get both the one-on-one experience as well as the ability to learn in a group setting for less than a cup of good Starbucks coffee a day.

When you become a student of the Total Breakthrough experience, I am going to give you my life-transforming E-Book, “21 Days to Breakthrough to Purpose”, which is a $27 value.

This E-book allows you the opportunity to walk hand in hand with me for 21 days as I share with you the same spiritual principles that I have applied to my own life for the last 15 years.  These are the strategies that destroyed the spiritual strongholds on my life and allowed me to walk confidently in my dominion as a woman of God.

Not only that, but when you register for the Total Breakthrough experience today, you will receive a FREE one-on-one 30 minute consultation and intercessory prayer session with me to create your spiritual battle plan for the next 30 days.  The value of this consultation is $97 and you will receive it 100% FREE.

This is my gift to you because I am committed to helping you break through in EVERY area of your life that has been holding you back.

I am ready to partner with you to create a strategic battle plan that will break every spiritual stronghold in your life and end the pain of emotional and spiritual brokenness!



  • Break free and walk in total healing from the hurt of toxic or broken relationships
  • Create a battle plan of strategic, spiritual warfare that will cause breakthrough in your life and your family
  • Identify & Cultivate your gifts, talents and abilities and use them to Activate breakthrough in your finances
  • Identify and Change unproductive patterns of behavior in your life so that you can elevate to your next level
  • Expose the lies of the enemy and declare God’s eternal promises to manifest favor, grace and blessings

  • A FREE 30-minute consultation and intercessory prayer session to create your 30 day spiritual battle plan ($97 value)
  • A FREE copy of my E-book, “21 Days to Breakthrough to Purpose” ($27 value)
  • Access to 4 hours of pre-recorded videos and audios of my 30 day training course, Project Breakthrough:  Praying Powerful Prayers that will Transform Your Life ($77 value)
  • 30 days of direct access to me through a FREE Private FB community with weekly teaching and training on healing and deliverance, Intercesssory Prayer/Q & A sessions and laser coaching (PRICELESS!)

When:  Class begins on Monday November 6, 2017- Tuesday December 5, 2017

**Personal One-On-One Consultations will be scheduled with each student after registration is complete**

You will receive instant access via email to  your FREE E-book and the Total Breakthrough Experience Learning Platform, which will provide you lifetime access to 8 total weeks of teaching and training as a registered student of the program.

Where:  From the comfort of your own home/office

Join me and a tribe of other women who will encourage, uplift and empower you as you embrace God’s plan for emotional, spiritual and financial breakthrough in your life.

Your next level of spiritual breakthrough begins NOW!
Let’s get started today!
ONLY $197 Per Student Attendee