Breakthrough Prayer

Learn How to Go Deeper In  Prayer and Best Experience
Personal Relationship with God

Dear man/woman of purpose and anyone who wants to grow in your prayer life, strengthen your relationship with God and discover God’s plan and purpose for your life:

Are you struggling with knowing how to pray and being consistent in your prayer life?

This is for you.

Do you want help growing a stronger relationship with God (AND understanding His will for your life)?

This is for you.

I remember the days of being a single mom at the age of 18 years old when I was lost, lonely, confused and had no clue of how to breakthrough my daily struggles to experience a life of purpose and fulfillment.  Since that time, I have developed a personal relationship with God that has given me the faith AND confidence to become a successful single mother, first-generation PhD graduate, author, educator, licensed missionary and Christian Life Coach.

Now, I am dedicated to using my 15 years of Christian Life Coaching and ministry experience to help you overcome your daily challenges, grow stronger in your relationship with God and learn to hear His voice in spite of what’s happening in your life.  When all else fails, you still have your personal relationship with God!


Whether you are seeking help to overcome the daily distractions of life to develop a stronger relationship with God or you’re someone who is ready to take the next step of living out your purpose and impacting the world, I can help you! Today, more than ever, every day of your life is filled with distractions that can prevent you from growing deeper in your relationship with God and walking in the fullness of Gods plan for you and your family.

We’re about to change all that!

I want to help you strengthen your relationship with God through prayer and rise above these distractions to grow closer to God, hear His voice and understand His will for your life in the midst of your daily struggles . As you grow closer to God, you will learn to hear His voice and follow His guidance that will lead you to your life of fulfillment and purpose. Learn how to partner with God in a relationship that will instantly bring you peace of mind and confidence in His plan for your life.


This On-Demand Video and Audio Course is PERFECT for anyone who desires to have a stronger relationship with God,  needs help being consistent in prayer AND learning God’s plan for your life.

Do you crave  for “more” of God but find it hard to press through the challenges of life that seek to hinder you on a daily basis?  Don’t worry any longer—the hard work has been done for you.  Anyone who is serious about transforming their relationship with God and living out God’s plan for your life will get the inspiration, encouragement and direction you need in this life transforming program.

There is NOTHING more rewarding than transforming your relationship with God, knowing that you are on the right track to living God’s plan for your life and developing a faith that will never fail you.

Breakthrough Prayer is an on-demand video and audio course, which will allow you to work at your own pace from anywhere in the world.  I will be teaching you everything involved from start to finish in growing closer to God, learning to hear His voice in the midst of your daily struggles and understand His plan and purpose for your life.

This program is NOT for the person who is not committed to living a transformed life through personal relationship with God.  It’s for the person who KNOWS that God is calling them to break out of the ordinary, rise above the distractions and grow to the next level of relationship to live a life of significance and fulfillment.

Let’s get ready to develop the kind of relationship with God that will cause you to soar in every area of your life even if you have struggled in the past.  I will teach you how to find time to connect with God every single day whether you are a full-time student, busy parent, dedicated professional or successful business owner.

You will be shocked at how easy it is to incorporate prayer into every aspect of your life.  You will receive a FREE copy of my E-Book “21 Days to Breakthrough to Purpose” so that you have everything you need to apply what you are learning and you are FULLY equipped to experience abundant life in God.

REGISTER NOW and let’s grow closer to God together!

This on-demand video and audio course allows you access to a learning platform that will help you to get consistent in your prayer life and tap into God’s plan for YOU right from the comfort of your own home or office!

What’s Included:

Breakthrough Prayer is designed to be a program that equips you with the building blocks of the Christian growth and development that will draw you closer to God through consistent prayer and propel you into a life of fulfillment and purpose.

This on-demand video and audio course will focus on the essential aspect of prayer and its relationship to experiencing a deeper, closer and more fulfilling relationship with God.

Week# 1:  The Meaning of Prayer

  • Exploring The Meaning of Prayer
  • Examining Prayer as Intimate Communication with God
  • Dispelling Myths About Prayer

Week# 2:  The Importance About Prayer

  • Solidifying Your Relationship with God Through Prayer
  • Stepping Into Your Destiny Through Prayer
  • Establishing Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit Through Prayer
  • Building Confidence and Faith Through Prayer
  • Learning the Voice of God Through Prayer

Week #3: The Mechanics of Prayer

  • The Key Components of Developing A Successful Prayer Life
  • Using the Mechanics of Prayer to Help You Begin to Define Your Purpose

Week #4:  Exploration of God and Self Through Prayer

  • Learning Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Learning God’s Plan and Desires for Your Life
  • Increasing Your Understanding of God’s Word

NOTE:  This course is going to take you into realms of prayer and relationship that you have NEVER before experienced!

When:  Class starts as soon as you register!

How:  All of the content will be delivered in a private learning platform for you to access from anywhere in the world anytime of day or night.


  • 2 hours of on-demand video and audio training
  • FREE Access to E-Book “21 Days to Breakthrough to Purpose”
$37 Per Student
Register TODAY!