Christian Life Coaching

“A Life Inspired” Coaching Program

Dr. Erica Wyatt’s “A Life Inspired” Coaching program is very unique in nature.  Dr. Wyatt combines her experiences as a successful single mother, educator, counselor and licensed missionary to lead her clients from where they are to where they desire to be in life.  She offers a variety of coaching options in the areas of healing and deliverance, education and general Christian life coaching.

Dr. Wyatt has been trained in traditional education and has received a Bachelors in Psychology, Masters of Public Administration and a PhD in Counseling Studies. She has also received her Diploma in Bible Studies from the Mark Webb School of Ministry in Racine, WI in the areas of healing, deliverance, spiritual gifts and ministerial callings and is currently licensed as a Missionary and actively practices as a leader in her local church as a praise and worship leader and a youth leader.

Dr. Wyatt is also a strong community advocate who has an extensive background in the development and implementation of community outreach programs to address and help youth and adults overcome challenges to academic success.

Why Coaching?

Research shows that every successful person had a coach to help them arrive at their desired destination in life.  In other words, coaches serve as a source of inspiration, encouragement and motivation to help you identify the great potential that already lies on the inside of you.

Coaches do not give you anything that you don’t currently have.  They just come alongside you to “coach”  your potential and possibility into reality. A coach will hold you accountable as you hold yourself accountable and challenge you to not just dream but to turn your dreams into an action plan that will cause you to prosper and live life abundantly.

A Christian Life Coach will take that one step further and help you identify the elements in your life that are keeping you stagnated and help you develop a plan to overcome those challenges so that you can begin living the life that God has designed just for you! Those who choose coaching understand that the work won’t be easy, but it will be well worth it!

What Makes “A Life Inspired” Coaching Different From Other Programs?

A Life Inspired Coaching has been birthed out of Dr. Wyatt’s personal experiences with the Holy Spirit. Dr. Wyatt has a gift of “inspiration” that ignites and stirs up the gifts and anointing that are lying dormant in the lives of her clients. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Wyatt is able to speak words of wisdom and inspiration that break strongholds and bondage in the lives of her clients and brings spiritual clarity and understanding.

It is through this divine clarity that Dr. Wyatt’s clients become aware of their purpose and are empowered and motivated to pursue their God-given destiny. Whether it be coaching clients to pursue and finish their education or walk in their divine calling, Dr. Wyatt’s passion and gift to inspire others to forget the past and embrace the future that God has destined brings about permanent change and results in the lives of her clients.

“We ALL know that the Christian walk is not an easy walk to fulfill. Everyday is a battle. But when you have people in your corner to support you, sow into you, and push you to get through life it helps! And that’s what Dr Erica Wyatt has done for me. When I first started my “real” walk with God I felt alone and abandoned by those I thought would be in my life forever. The devil almost took me out, literally. But then Erica came in and blessed me with the power of  sisterhood! Because of her I was able to stand tall and face everything that was being thrown at me. Her testimony itself is what inspired me to keeping reaching for God. This woman has seen me in my worst of the worst times. But yet she never judge, never stops loving on me, and never stops sowing into me. She truly is a great and awesome woman of God that I would love to be when I grow up! She was there whenever I called no matter the time. She was even there when I was at my lowest and didn’t have a dime. Because of her love she pushed me to the great relationship I have with God now. She always tells me the REAL and shows me the way out. Even when I rebelled and was stubborn she still didn’t give up on me and her love never changed! I inspire to be like her and to let my testimony help MANY people as hers do. The divine connection we have has definitely been exactly what I needed. Today I am a woman with a vision that’s seeking Gods fullness, interceding for my children, prayerful, humble, and most of all BLESSED because of this woman. I am forever grateful. Wherever Dr Wyatt goes I want to go too! Amen!” Brienna Taylor, Single Mother, Age 26, Christian Life Coach Client

What Will Each Session Include?

Each coaching session will be broken up into the following elements

    • Begin with prayer–We will begin each session with prayer to ask God for His grace, wisdom and direction so that you can get the most out of each session


    • Initial Client Assessment–We will review where you currently are and what your life will look like when you accomplish your goals


    • Client/Coach Interaction–This is the “meat” of each session.  We will discuss some of the deeper issues that may be at play in your life to cause your current stagnation, and we will work together to bring a great sense of self-awareness and reflection so that you may begin to move forward.


    • Coaching Questions:  Based on our interactions, I will ask you some questions that may be uncomfortable but that will bring us closer to the “root” of the problem. My ability to be genuine and authentic is one of the main ingredients to my clients success. It is the truth that will make you free!


    • Brainstorming:  YOU are the captain of this ship so we will work together to brainstorm ideas that will bring you closer to your desired goals.  This is NOT about me: it’s all about what you want for your life.


    • Identify Challenges:  We will be proactive in discussing any challenges that you may face in implementing any of the ideas that we discuss during the course of our session.  I will assist you in developing strategies for overcoming these challenges and avoiding getting stuck.


    • Create Goals/Action Plan:  We will discuss goals and create an action plan to move you forward


    • Discuss Accountability Plan:  At the heart of any successful coaching relationship is accountability.  We will discuss a plan for ensuring that you remain committed to your plan of action.


    • Explore Homework Options:  We will discuss any homework/assignments that may be beneficial for you in between sessions that are all geared towards helping you reach your desired goals.


  • End with prayer/Words of Wisdom and Inspiration:  We will end each session the way that it began: with prayer.  We will ask God to seal the deal with His approval and to give you the grace to reach your God-given destination! As the Holy Spirit inspires me through each session, I will speak words of wisdom and inspiration into your life that will begin to ignite everlasting change for you.

How Can I Support You Between Sessions? I am available via email for any questions or concerns that may arise in between our scheduled sessions.

NOTE:  Coaching is a serious commitment and by choosing this option you are saying that you are ready to move forward and embrace the AMAZING destiny that God has prepared for you. 

“Before I came to Christ my life was a mess . I had no direction. I was talking to my dear friend Dr. Wyatt on the phone and she began sharing the gospel with me, that Christ died for my sins and gives new life to those who believe in him. During the phone conversation she prayed with me and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And so began our (MY) journey. Erica has shown me the meaning of endurance and patience. Her love and knowledge of the word of God surpasses her age. Erica is a teacher, preacher, and a counselor who breaks down the Word through analogies and imagery. Her incredible usage of metaphors, biblical allusions, descriptive words and similes amongst other literary forms in order to awaken and engage me. I mean I love it! If you have been saying within your heart there has to be more and or experiencing a stronger desire to fulfill God’s purpose for your life; then you need to grab hold of a pen and pad and get ready to embark on a journey that will resemble a butterfly; like the butterfly you will go through stages of obscurity, but in the end be prepared for the gloriousness that awaits you if you continue as I have on this journey with Dr. Erica Wyatt.” Lelisa Manning, Single Mother, Age 41, Christian Life Coaching Client

So How Do You Start Your Journey Towards Living A Life Of Fulfillment?

Coaching Program Packages

“A Life Inspired” Intensive Coaching Program {6 sessions} The cost for this program is $497 for 6 -30 minute sessions over the course of two months.

This program is not for those who are not 100% serious about making the desired changes for their lives.  This is an investment in the future that you KNOW that God has designed just for you.  In this program, we will work to break down all of the barriers that have been holding you back and create a plan for permanent, transformational change.

“A Life Inspired” Focused Program The cost for this program is $247 for 3 -30 minute sessions  over the course of 1 month. This program is intended for those who may need minimal guidance to assist them in accomplishing their current goals.  The client who chooses this package may have a “head-start” and may just need a boost or someone to come alongside them and coach them into reaching their next level in life.

“A Life Inspired” Individual Session The cost for individual sessions is $97 for 1-30 minute session Individual sessions are intended to be a refresher for individuals who have completed a more focused program in the past.  Very few people find an individual session to be sufficient to meet their needs.  However, it may be a way for first time clients to explore the option of a more focused Christian Life Coaching program.

FREE 30 Minute “Activate and Unleash Your Greatness” Coaching Session

By the completion of this 30 minute free coaching consultation you will:

  • Have an action plan to execute the next steps of your purpose
  • Feel refreshed, revived and inspired to walk boldly in your God-given purpose
  • Have your faith restored in God’s plan for your life
  • Identify the obstacles/challenges that have kept you stuck in your life

If you are ready to activate and unleash your greatness in EVERY area of your life, click the “Let’s Get Started” button below and complete the contact form.  A member of my team will follow up with you within 24-48 hours.

I look forward to working with you soon!

Blessings, Erica