New Life Social Media Marketing

Dear small business owner, ministry, author, musician or anyone who is looking to build a highly attractive brand, drive sales into their business AND create long-lasting success:

Are you in the process of trying to build a highly targeted audience who is attracted to your brand?  I can help you!

Do you lack the expertise needed to navigate the ever changing social media arena?  I can help you!

In order for brand’s to be competitive in today’s global marketplace, social media MUST be an integral part of their marketing strategy. As of the most recent 2017 data, Facebook currently has 2 billion active monthly users.  Instagram has over 600 million monthly users sharing, engaging and BUYING.  These numbers are only expected to continue to grow as mobile devices become more widely used.  The data does not lie:  If you are not marketing your brand on social media, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

Sales are the driving force of any business.  Without a cutting edge marketing strategy, you will continue to fall short of your sales goals month after month and year after year.

Social media is the breath of fresh air that your brand needs to help you reach your marketing and sales goals and to live out your dream of having a wildly successful business.

New Life Marketing has social media marketing packages that are designed to attract a highly targeted audience to your brand while building the culture that is needed to CONVERT them into paying clients.


New Life Marketing achieves this through:

  • Creating highly engaging content
  • Attracting highly targeted followers  to your brand
  • Keyword and hashtag research
  • Audience insights (to spy on your competitors)
  • Content management to keep your audience engaged
  • Monthly analytics/reporting to stay on top of market trends


Is New Life Marketing for you and your brand?

New Life Marketing is designed for small business owners, ministries/churches, non-profits, authors, musicians and other creatives.  If you  are seeking to develop brand awareness, create a loyal following and promote and elevate your brand in a way that leads to revenue generating opportunities, New Life Marketing is exactly what you need!

Client Requirements:  Client must be willing to provide daily interaction and engagement with following.  Client must also be open to producing regular content through blogging, article writing, etc.

All packages include the following:

  • FREE 15-30 minute telephone/skype strategic planning consultation to better understand your social media management needs ($57 value)
  • FREE 30 minute pre-recorded monthly video overview of reporting/analytics ($197 value)
  • FREE 1 Hour quarterly LIVE webinar social media assessment ($297)

That’s over $500 in added value to enhance your investment in your business!

NOTE:  A one-time initial set-up fee is required for all 3 packages

1st Package:  New Life Branding Package

($177 setup + $597/month)

This package is for those who are “in the beginning” level of their social media development.  Designed for those with less than 1,000 followers on Facebook.

  • Up to 4 posts/day
  • Up to 2 social media platforms
  • Friend/follower administration (deletion/removal of spam and inappropriate followers)
  • Monthly social media monitoring report

2nd Package:  Expand Your Life Branding Package

($227 setup + $897/month)

Upgrade your management package.  Recommended for those with less than 2500 followers on Facebook.

  • Up to 8 posts/day
  • Up to 2 social media platforms
  • Friend/follower administration (deletion/removal of spam and inappropriate followers)
  • Monthly social media reporting
  • Audience building (Average 100-200 targeted followers weekly)
  • Keyword research & hashtags (Up to 10 per month)

3rd Package:  Enlarge Your Life Branding Package

($297 setup + $1597/month)

For those who have a distinctive brand and need high-quality management of their fans.  Advised for those with up to 5,000 followers on Facebook.

  • Up to 12 postings per day
  • Up to 3 social media platforms
  • Friend/follower administration (deletion/removal of spam and inappropriate followers)
  • Monthly social media reporting
  • Management of all direct messages
  • Up to 2 client care inquiries per day
  • Audience Building (Average 100 followers per day)
  • Keyword & Hashtag Research (Up to 30 per month)
  • Weekly Google Alerts