Next Level Challenge

Desiring to Grow Closer to God?
Need Help Staying Focused and Consistent?

Get Closer to God Each Day!

Dear man/woman of God and anyone desiring to draw closer to God and develop more consistency in reading the Word and prayer.

I remember vividly the years of my life that I struggled to stay focused on building my relatioship with God. As a single mother of four children, life would often times get the best of me and I would end up on a spiritual detour.  I know what it feels like to always be racing against the clock trying to just make life happen and you never have enough time in the day to read your word or even talk to God.  Then you struggle with guilt and condemnation because days and weeks have passed without you picking up the Word of God or even taking 5 minutes out of your day to tell Him “thank you.”

Have you ever been there?   It really sucks doesn’t it?

As a Christian Life Coach, one of the things I hear the most is that people struggle with being consistent in reading their Word and praying.  The reality that I had to come to terms with is that it’s the very trick of the enemy to keep you out of your Word and away from prayer.  If He can strip you of the strength that comes from doing both then he has the ability to get you headed in the opposite direction of God’s plan for your life.

The key to breaking through to your next level in relationship with God is a strong prayer life and a firm understanding of God’s word.

I want to teach you some of the same principles and strategies that I have learned over the last 15 years that will help you get back on track, stay focused and remain consistent.

In the Next Level E-Book, you will receive INSTANT access to articles that I have written on the topics of prayer and reading the word of God.  Not only that, but inside of this challenge, I am giving you a step by step system that will help you overcome your battle with inconsistency.

The Next Level E-Book explores:

  • Unleashing Purpose:  The Journey of a Lifetime
  • Mindset:  A Battle You Must Win
  • The Word of God:  A Weapon You Can’t Live Without
  • Prayer:  The Foundation of a Strong Relationship
  • Relationships:  Are You For Me or Against Me?
  • Faith:  Growing Your Mustard Seed

You will have access to over 100 pages of spirit-filled content that will help you elevate your Christian walk in this last month of the year.  As a result of The Next Level E-Book, you will be properly positioned to receive the abundance and increase of God in your life in the next season.

Are you ready for your next level?

Join me and a group of select men and women of God who have taken the leap to manifest God’s blessings, favor and abundance.

Your next level is awaiting you!

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